Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today as I was getting the word out and planning how to handle my testimony in the House on Thursday, I got a phone call from Rep. Gardner. 

The bill had been on the Temporary Calendar. I was under the impression that bills were on the Temp Calendar for one day in between the committees and the House Calendar. That would have put us on for Wednesday, except Rep. Gardner has to be away on Wednesday. That's why we were scheduled for Thursday.

Apparently, the Speaker of the House (Rep. Ben Lujan, who is also a member of the Taxation and Revenue Committee—so he heard Carin and I speak last Wednesday with both girls in tow) recommended that Rep. Gardner put the bill on the House Calendar for TODAY. I didn't know that was possible. But it clearly is . . . so he did. We didn't even get a call until it was all said and done. 

It PASSED! There were only 2 dissenting votes. 

Carin and I are disappointed that we didn't get to testify, but we have to agree with Rep. Gardner . . . having it moving is far more important. So now we are on to the Senate (Public Affairs and then Finance). 

It was incredibly generous of Speaker Lujan to suggest and encourage it be done today. We clearly have some very wonderful and generous lawmakers helping us along the route this time. We could not be more grateful for the help they have given us.

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