Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Long hours

Good news! We got a "do pass" with no dissenting votes in House Taxation and Revenue tonight. The meeting was supposed to start at 1:30 pm. Notice I said "supposed to start"? The meeting actually started at 6:45 pm. There was a 3 hour debate on the House floor about repealing the death penalty in New Mexico. Mind you, we were there with two little girls in tow, at 1:30. Waiting. Once the meeting started there was one bill heard before ours, which was debated for more than an hour. I was back in my car at 8:30 pm.

More good news! We have worked out the Dept of Health's issues; they are no longer opposing it.

Even more good news! Rep. Gardner is going to see if he can get us out of House Appropriations and Finance altogether or get us on the consent calendar. 

We could go for a House floor vote as early as Saturday, Feb. 14--but more likely Monday, Feb. 17. Then we are into the Senate.

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