Saturday, April 7, 2007

Letter from National Stillbirth Society to Media


The unthinkable has happened!

Presidential candidate Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico has vetoed The Missing Angel Bill. In doing so he has become the first and only U. S. Governor not to sign the Bill, which was overwhelmingly passed by both the New Mexico Senate 33-3 and the House 59-0.

As a result of his ill-considered veto, New Mexico stillbirth mothers have fallen victim to crass political pandering. The Governor's veto is an insensitive act that ignores interests of his own constituents, in favor of his presidential aspirations.

As enacted, The Missing Angel Bill, introduced as H1227 & S17, permits the state to issue to New Mexico mothers who give birth to a stillborn baby, a "Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth". Twenty nine states so far have enacted a version of the act, and all 29 of those state governors have signed it into law! (In the states where it has already passed - New Mexico included - it has done so with either unanimous or near unanimous votes.)

We have attached a copy of a letter sent by our organization to California legislators who have The Missing Angel Bill under active consideration.

It is possible to view the legislation status state by state at this link:

Please contact the undersigned for additional information or comments. For local input contact Ms. Halo Golden of Los Alamos, who became a stillbirth mother in 2003 when she lost her son Jesper at full term (41 weeks!). She is also able to put you in touch with other New Mexico stillbirth mothers.

Richard K. Olsen, Founder & Executive Director
The National Stillbirth Society

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