Saturday, April 7, 2007

Call to Action

Attention New Mexico residents and MISS families!!!

Governor Richardson has vetoed Senate Bill 17 despite it passing unanimously with bi-partisan support in both the Senate and House.

SB 17 spent more than two weeks in the Governor’s office. Despite our numerous attempts to get information from the Governor’s office on the status of the bill and to offer assistance to staff, we were consistently rebuffed. We were told by the Governor’s office that if they had questions or needed help understanding the bill they would ask those parties affected. The MISS Foundation and The National Stillbirth Society were never contacted.

Despite what may seem like valid reasons for the veto, we suspect those are a cover for the sake of political appearances during the governor’s presidential bid. They have claimed that there are flaws in the legislation, but we believe this to be a cop out to minimize the negative impact of his action.

Our voices must be heard! We must make the Governor realize the full impact of his veto decision, especially since he is now a presidential candidate.

Please contact the Governor’s office beginning Monday by phone and fax (email as well). Let them know of your outrage in not passing this important legislation. Be sure to include that his decision to veto this bill is not just an issue impacting families who had a baby die, it is a women’s issue.

We need to demand a special session to readdress this issue.

Please help us!!!!

1. Read the Veto Message here.

2. Contact the Governor’s office.

Governor’s Office:
Phone: 505-476-2200
Fax: 505-476-2226


3. Check for updated New Mexico information here.

NM Blog site:

Thanks for your support,

Halo and Carin

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