Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Friday, maybe

The Senate Public Affairs Committee is finally hearing House bills. They have 6 on the agenda for today, and another 11 that are ahead of us. The committee meets Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I is possible we could be heard as early as Friday or next Tuesday. 

Naturally, politics could effect that estimate. The other thing that could effect it is whether the committee is also meeting on Saturdays. Sometimes late in the session committees that do not otherwise meet on Saturday do so in order to get things done. 

The other thing that might effect it is the state of the Senate. Rep. Gardner is worried that they have already started to wallow and are not really getting much done. This seems to happen every year, every session. I'm left wondering why they can't just grow up and get stuff done, but since I am not one of them I cannot begin to explain it. So at this point, we are calling the SPAC office and emailing the chair, Sen. Dede Feldman, and Rep. Gardner is looking into it as well. 

Hopefully, we will be heard no later than early next week. Keep calling your Senators. I'll post here when we find out when we will be heard.

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