Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today is the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee meeting in Santa Fe. It is one of the interim committees that work through the part of the year when they are not in session.

We were hoping to get on the actual agenda, but that wasn't possible for whatever reason. So our alternative is Public Comments. Today at 4:45 p.m. we will be standing up during public comment time to talk about the MISSing Angels Bill in New Mexico and asking for the LHHS committee's endorsement for the 2009 Regular Session.

I'm nervous. Last night I was reading some of the articles that were written in 2007 after the veto. I feel like we're about to dive right back into all of that negativity, but I really need to give this meeting and this session it's own due. And reading those articles and the issues that were brought up at the time, gives me a new direction in which to look for this new bill. A chance to make sure we are not falling into the same issues this time.

So wish us luck, dry palms, and dry eyes.

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Good luck to you! Fingers crossed. We are working on the bill here in NYS.