Saturday, February 9, 2008


Sorry that I haven't updated the blog recently. I keep meaning to post about the meeting with Donna Dossey, but I also keep forgetting to send her an email to clarify some points from that meeting. I've now sent that email and am waiting for her response.

I will say that we decided to not pursue the bill during the 2008 Regular (short) session. It was just going to be too difficult to even get it heard this year, so we decided to wait until the 2009 Regular (long) session. At this point we are waiting for the 2008 Regular session to close so that we can meet with Keith Gardner and then with Evan Blackstone. We do have a commitment from Evan to start drafting shortly after the session closes. Naturally, we will have to wait a bit longer if the governor calls a special session, but we hope to get the bill drafted soon so that we have as long as possible to make it right for the 2009 session.

So that's the update. Just waiting.

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