Saturday, August 18, 2007


Just an update.

Currently, we are waiting to redraft the legislation. The biggest challenge right now is that everyone has returned to their day jobs and is a little slow to respond, but that is to be expected. The other challenge we have is going to be getting into the 2008 session.

In New Mexico, legislative sessions in even years (like the coming 2008 session) are short--30 days as opposed to 60 days. The short sessions are for passing the state budget and other "germane" issues. So it becomes more difficult to get bills introduced in even-numbered years. But we will do everything we can to get it into the 2008 session. If those efforts fail, we will definitely get it into the 2009 session.

So, we are still working, but progress is slow in coming at this point. We are learning patience.

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